Red Line Mass Transit System Construction Project: Bang Sue - Rangsit Section

Location :
Bang Sue in central of Bangkok up to Rangsit in the north
Client :
State Railway of Thailand (SRT)
Project Value :
Baht 65,353 million
Commencement and Completion :
March 2013 – Present
Project scope :

The SRT Red Line Mass Transit project is part of Bangkok’s Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan which aims to develop an suburban rail transit network to serve the Greater Bangkok area. The project route begins at Pradiphat T-junction and runs along the northern railway, passing Chatuchak, Bang Khen, Lak Si and Don Muang to reach Rangsit station in Prathum Thani. There are 10 railway stations along the total length of 26.4 km line i.e. Bang Sue Grand Station, Chatuchak, Wat Samian Nari, Bang Khen, Thung Song Hong, Lak Si, Kan Kheha, Lak Hok, Don Muang and Rangsit. The project route comprises 19.2 km elevated section from Bang Sue to Don Muang, and 7.1 km at-grade section from Don Muang to Rangsit. 

Accomplishments :

Services provided include:

Project Management Consultant - PMC:

  • •  Study and verification of problems and obstacles  
  • •  Assist SRT in selection for Construction Supervision Consultants (CSC) and Contractors
  • •  Assist SRT in formulating and reviewing of Work Plans
  • •  Formulate Coordination & Interfacing
  • •  Check, verify and report to SRT of documents
  • •  Assist SRT in checking and certifying completion of the Works
  • •  Provide technology transfer for SRT’s staff
  • •  Assist SRT in legal issues, rules and regulations
  • •  Analyze and recommend to SRT the international standards and practices for protection and safety zone
  • •  Support SRT’s public relation activities
  • •  Assist SRT to conduct environmental measures and social considerations
  • •  Assist SRT in planning and implementing of HIV/AIDS prevention program
  • •  Assist SRT in formulating barrier free guideline for SRT
  • •  Provide Project Management Evaluation Report
  • •  Review proposals for variations based on Value Engineering approach
  • •  Assist SRT in clarification, revision/improvement of documents
  • •  Suggest SRT for additional scope of work

Independent Checking Engineer - ICE:

  • •  Review and confirm Project Organization
  • •  Review and confirm the overall documentation systems
  • •  Review the engineering, system assurance programs and contract documents
  • •  Review of system acceptance verification for civil, structural, building services and E&M system
  • •  Testing and Commissioning
  • •  Trial Running
  • •  Review the readiness for revenue operation
  • •  Follow up and test the safety system of the operation and maintenance
  • •  Advise SRT the Technical Services during Contract Completion and Taking Over
  • •  Special considerations of other systems that integrated with the system

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