Town and Transportation Infrastructure Development Project (​TOD Masterplan: Pattaya, Ayutthaya and Khon Kaen have been chosen to be the transit-oriented prototype cities to integrate mass transit and town planning)

Location :
Pattaya, Ayutthaya and Khon Kaen provinces
Client :
Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning
Project Value :
Commencement and Completion :
October 2018–April 2020
Project scope :

The integration of transit and land use is one of the most important strategic initiatives for developing sustainable city futures. Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) principles generally applicable to the areas around and along the mass transit networks i.e. double -track railway and high-speed rail. Train stations are becoming more central in cities, and these areas can increase job density of the cities and the productivity will improve. The railway transport infrastructure and connections to other transportation systems are also important to increase the number of riders and the switch from road to the railway services. This contributes to the success of railway related land development projects. More importantly, an increase in productivity by the service sector is necessary for the railway project's success. Such increase in productivity can be achieved by increasing the density of the population around the railway stations.

Accomplishments :

Services provided include:

  • • Review the results of the previous studies of related projects with respect to the development of efficient railway transport system
  • • Develop the masterplan for the development of cities around railway/high-speed rail station
  • • Develop Specific Plan for the development of potential urban cities based on Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
  • • Select and verify 3 potential areas to be the rail-oriented prototype cities
  • • Propose the development plan for other transit systems which feeds the rail services
  • • Study and identify the most feasible plan for investment and management of the rail-oriented cities
  • • Prepare Strategic Environmental Assessment report and Initial Environmental Examination report
  • • Public participation
  • • Provide assistance to support the project work contributing to integrate mass transit and town planning

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