Bang Yai - Kanchanaburi Intercity Motorway Project - M81

Location :
Nonthaburi, Nakhon Pathom and Kanchanaburi provinces
Client :
Department of Highways (DOH)
Project Value :
Bath 30,000 million
Commencement and Completion :
August 2008 – October 2009
Project scope :

The project involves in conducting engineering survey and carry out the detailed design of 4-6 traffic lanes intercity motorway in order to improve the flow of traffic and land access to Nonthaburi, Nakhon Pathom and Kanchanaburi provinces. The motorway comprises 120 km long of at-grade road, 6 interchanges, other intercity motorway facility includes toll collection system, control buildings, services area and rest area.

Accomplishments :
  • •  Conducted a traffic volume/data collection and assessed the traffic volume of existing roadway and all associated connecting road network.
  • •  Conducted site survey in order to identify design criteria and constraints.
  • •  Carried out detailed design of roadwork, design of interchanges works bridges, structure, drainage system and other facilities of the roadway.
  • •  Developed strategies concerning safe vehicle operation for Traffic Control Devices, signing and road marking, roadway lighting and toll collection system etc.
  • •  Conducted soil and material investigation survey including construction material resources survey for the design of road and structures.
  • •  Examine the Environmental Impact Assesment study of F.S. Bang Yai – Banpong and F.S. Banpong – Kanchanaburi and used as design criteria of the work.
  • •  Prepared technical specifications, cost estimates and tender documents.
  • •  Publicized the project works and set the people participation seminars.
  • •  Conducted the technical designs of motorway seminar among consultants and DOH engineers.

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