The TPN FlexPak Printing Facility Project

Location :
Wellgrow Industrial Estate, Bang Pagong, Chachoensao province
Client :
TPN FlexPak Printing Co., Ltd.
Project Value :
Baht 100 million
Commencement and Completion :
August 2000 - July 2001
Project scope :

TPN FlexPak, the new state of the art packaging plant, on a site area of about 55 rais, consists of a factory and office building with floor area of about 8,800 sq.m. and other building i.e. canteen, dormitory, guard house, pumping house with total floor area of about 900 sq.m. The building structure is reinforced concrete with steel roof truss and metal sheet roof. Full electrical / mechanical installation and all peripheral works are also included.

Accomplishments :
  • Carry out architectural and engineering detailed design for the new printing facility
  • Supervise construction of project components, monitor construction methods and quality control, certify that the quality of works conforms to the technical specifications, standards, approved drawings and client's requirements

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